Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameHenry Edovan Nicholls , 154503
1- , 154504
ChildrenEmma , 154500 (~1816-1871)
Notes for Henry Edovan Nicholls
A gentleman was the lowest ranking member of a social class known as the landed gentry. The group was considered upper class, but definitely below the titled peers. The group included:
1. Baronet.
2. Knight.
3. Esquire/squire.
4. Gentlemen. This started as a separate title with the Statute of Additions of 1413. It is used generally for a man of high birth or rank, good social standing, and of wealth.
This group was distinct from the middle class because they did not work for a living. Many were landowners who lived entirely off income generated from a home farm and numerous rented (tenanted) farms and cottages. Revenues from agricultural enterprises and rents were the primary source of gentleman's income.
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